Schools Must Promote Students’ Mental Health

elite-daily-study-600x300It has been reported that one in five children suffer mental health disorders in the U.S. The mental disorders may range from ADHD to suicidal tendencies. Most schools do not have well trained or sufficient staff to identify these problems and to work them out. Here is what should be the ideal way to deal with promoting students’ mental growth in a healthy manner. Among many models, the multi-tiered system of supports which is like an inverted pyramid is of significance. The funnel like model offers support for everyone in general and then moves towards specialized and specific help to suit individual requirement.

The village model is a collective mission to create an environment that focuses on general well being to promote mental health. Amanda Aiken, Senior Director of Schools at New Orleans College Prep was a principal at one of their schools. As Principal she ensured that when the students arrived, staff would always be present at the entrances to greet them by shaking hands. At times, handshakes were even replaced by hugs. Luckily this practice was continued as a tradition by her successor. The students at this school are from a more challenging background and stand a higher risk of health problems. The children have suffered unpleasant neighborhoods, family problems and poverty.

homework-300x200A trauma informed school is one where all staff is trained to work with and identify students going through traumatic experiences. They follow a social emotional curriculum which includes yoga sessions after school that aims at lowering detentions through restorative justice. Schools have realized the limitations of teachers in this aspect. They may be able to identify traumatized students, but at a certain level will require professionals to deal with the students. Often schools hire a certified student counselor who is experienced and most suited to the role. They are also in a position to interact with students and to recommend clinical therapy if necessary.

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Population Survey Of Transgender Americans

southcarolinaAccording to a recent study, around 1.4 million people, that is about 0.6% of U.S. adults are trans-genders. The numbers are double that of ten years ago and varies by state. The study is critical and will help in the framing of current policy discussions that will impact the daily life of transgenders. The policy debates include discussions on discrimination, access to restrooms and many other issues. A conclusion can be arrived at only with supportive data in order to assess potential impact and the number of people that will be affected. The urban District of Columbia has 14,550 people that accounts for 2.77% of the federal district’s population that has identified themselves as transgenders. The District of Columbia has the highest percentage of adults who have identified themselves as transgender.

GENDERJUSTICE 061213 Danielle Askini, 30, Gender Justice League executive director, has been a trans woman since the age of 15, and is helping launch TransPride, an event specifically for the transgender, gender non-conforming community and their allies. "It’s just really important to have our own event," Askini said. "Since we’re such a small community it’s amazing to be able to see other people like me everywhere." 130476

Many states have about 100,000 or more individuals who are transgender and according to the research Florida has 100,300, California with 218,000 and Texas with 125,350 individuals who identify as transgender. The study indicates that the states of Hawaii, New Mexico, Georgia, and California have the highest percentage (0.8%) of adults indentifying as transgender and Texas and Florida accounts for 0.7%. North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa and Montana were the five states with 0.3% transgender identified adults that is the lowest percentage.

Political debates are concentrating upon major issues like the services and protection from discrimination concerns to be extended to transgender Americans and to protect their rights. The Defense Secretary Ash Carter at the Pentagon announced that the military will not prevent transgender Americans from serving openly. Carter also stated that members in service will not be discharged or separated from service on basis of gender identity. Youngsters in the age of 18 to 24 are most likely to identify themselves as transgender, they account for 0.7%. The researchers at William Institute compiled data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System that represents 50 states in the District of Columbia and U.S.

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Insight Into The Brutality Of Syrian Civil Wars

cey24q5wiaa7k9jA Syrian film collective is producing short films to showcase the human side of war victims. The short films are now part of a gallery in New York. Any evidence or insight that the world has had about the civil wars in Syria has been through images and snippets of extreme violence and the fleeing of refugees to Europe. The Syrian film collective is attempting to show what lies on the inside. The group behind this effort, Abounaddara has been recognized and awarded for their work of more than 300 short documentaries that are an eye opener.

abd-suriye-den-elini-cekIn English Abounaddara translates to “a man with glasses”. Each video is only 1 to 6 minutes long and tries to tell hidden stories of the war. The videos incorporate mystery to prick and prod at people conscience to raise their voices and concern for the victims of war. The stories are not biased by religion, labels or any kind of judgment, they are purely human stories that the media does not cover. The media has desensitized the view with an overload of violent images and people are left to think that it is the way of life in Syria. It would mean a lot more if it happened with one’s own kind.