Insight Into The Brutality Of Syrian Civil Wars

cey24q5wiaa7k9jA Syrian film collective is producing short films to showcase the human side of war victims. The short films are now part of a gallery in New York. Any evidence or insight that the world has had about the civil wars in Syria has been through images and snippets of extreme violence and the fleeing of refugees to Europe. The Syrian film collective is attempting to show what lies on the inside. The group behind this effort, Abounaddara has been recognized and awarded for their work of more than 300 short documentaries that are an eye opener.

abd-suriye-den-elini-cekIn English Abounaddara translates to “a man with glasses”. Each video is only 1 to 6 minutes long and tries to tell hidden stories of the war. The videos incorporate mystery to prick and prod at people conscience to raise their voices and concern for the victims of war. The stories are not biased by religion, labels or any kind of judgment, they are purely human stories that the media does not cover. The media has desensitized the view with an overload of violent images and people are left to think that it is the way of life in Syria. It would mean a lot more if it happened with one’s own kind.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Endorsed By Union Leader

cvk5yhhuyaa7_o_New Jersey governor Chris Christie has reason to be cheerful having been successful with the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader. It has been a notable achievement along with his performance at the GOP debate which went well for him. Christie was well commended by the Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid as being the right person for the present dangerous times and recognized as having dealt with terrorists admirably. As much as his conduct, he has been appreciated more for his speaking directly and bluntly.

chris-christie3-300x200In the past 5 decades, Union Leader has endorsed only four New Hampshire primary winners. In 1968 it was Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan in 1980, Pat Buchanan in 1996 and John McCain in 2008. Among these nominees only Nixon, Reagan and McCain made it to win the Republican nomination and among them only Nixon and Reagan won their quest for presidency. This goes to say that the Union Leader has not made a president in the past 35 years. Union Leader’s choice has faded away, in the year 2000 Steve Forbes came second to George W. Bush in Iowa and stood a third in New Hampshire. He withdrew in a few days. In 2012 even Gingrich could not make it very far.

Christie is being appreciated for his bluntness and his unusual stops in towns for campaigning could help build support. But then there is the question of how effective newspaper endorsements can be in a world where social media and 24/7 news works faster and more effectively in reaching out to people. Christie’s experience as U.S. attorney worked to his advantage during the Paris attacks, over rivals former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and present Ohio Gov. John Kasich.