The Martian: Movie For Science Buffs

jessica-chastainThe Martian one of Hollywood’s science fiction movies is based on a book writer by Andy Weir. Matt Damon plays the part of an astronaut Mark Watney, stranded on planet Mars. Numbers decide between life and death for Mark Watney who has to calculate his food consumption and his way off the planet through Martian road trips and misadventures.

martian-damon-space-suitThis movie is commendable for its special effects and relevance to science. Weir the author of the book plotted the book with the brains of an engineer. He determined that although science has developed technology to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and sewage to potable water; it is yet to find a way to easily generate food.

Weir researched carefully and presented drafts to his reader fans. Because the book was first published online, it could easily be corrected and Weir story was corrected from time to time by his fan following to be as factual as possible. The applaud lies in the fact that the story is about how man works with nature to survive.

Mark Watney has to grow potatoes to survive. But then it isn’t as easy as it seems, he has to fertilize the sterile Martian soil and provide water to grow. The Martian has captured the essence of the technical details perfectly and encourages man to explore Mars.

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