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Teeth alignment treatment has two phases. In the first phase, a set of aligners are used to shift the teeth into the right place. This treatment could take months and after the braces are removed, you have to wear a invisalign retainer. A Invisalign retainer is used to retain or keep the teeth in the desired place thus preventing it from moving back to the original position. The Invisalign retainer does not use much pressure like the aligner but it is fitted to make sure that the teeth does not fall back to its original place. Invisalign retainers are made through cutting edge technology and can be used by anyone.

Invisalign is an alternative to the traditional metal braces. Made of plastic, it is smooth and invisible. Invisalign braces are as effective as metal braces. Invisalign treatment should be followed by the use of a Invisalign retainer.

Developed by Align Technology, the retainers are made with the same material used in Invisalign braces. It is clear and transparent. Invisalign retainers can be removed before eating, brushing or flossing. Since it is transparent, it is almost invisible and no one would know that you are wearing it.

Invisalign retainers should be placed on the teeth immediately after treatment with Invisalign teeth aligners. Since your teeth are being continually shifted for several months, it will not hold its position until supported by a retainer. Without a retainer, there is a chance that the teeth would either move away from its desired position or fall back to its original place, both of which you do not want. The Invisalign retainers are very comfortable to wear and speak. The metal retainers used in the traditional way of treating deformed teeth are visible and uncomfortable.

One of the important features of Invisalign retainer is that even patients who had aligned their teeth with the traditional devices can use it. The retainers are custom made. i.e, the dimensions of the retainers are taken from the last teeth aligner used by the patient or from the latest mould of the teeth.

How long should one wear the Invisalign retainer?

Wearing a retainer is as important as wearing braces. For the first two months, the patient is advised to wear the retainer for the whole time only removing it to eat or brush. After two months, Invisalign retainer should be worn only at night time. It is for the orthodontist/dentist that you see to decide when to stop wearing retainers.

Invisalign Retainer Longevity

The retainer should be replaced with new ones at regular interval. When the retainer is used for a long time, it tends to change its shape thus failing to support the teeth as it should be. So, a new set of retainers are made and used. On an average, 4 retainers should be used by a patient after the treatment.

Invisalign is a modern approach to an issue that not only has health benefits, but also has cosmetic benefits. A great set of teeth is a big confidence booster in this world where looks are everything. Invisalign aligners and a Invisalign retainer helps you have that beautiful smile.


People often ask “How much does Invisalign cost” , well before we get to that let us tell you a bit more about Invisalign. Invisalign is an effective alternative to the traditional metal braces used by orthodontists and dentists to treat deformities in teeth. Unlike metal braces which are painful, dark, awkward looking and non-removable, the Invisalign braces are clear and removable making it a much better option. Since teeth aligning using metal braces are dreaded by many people due to the painful process it involves, using Invisalign would be more comforting because it is easy to use and less painful. Also it does not compromise their looks since Invisalign braces are almost non-detectable. But despite its obvious advantages, the cost of the Invisalign treatment could turn people to go back to metal braces and that is why many people wonder how much does Invisalign cost.

This revolutionary design which changed the way people looked at aligning teeth was designed in the labs of the Santa-Clara based Align Technology which specializes in medical devices. According to reports, nearly 7,300,000 people have already used Invisalign Treatment or are currently under treatment. Though revolutionary, the cost of the Invisalign treatment is high when compared to traditional metal braces. One of the reasons for the high cost is that dentists and Orthodontists have to undergo special training before they start practicing and of course is why many people wonder how much does Invisalign cost.

How Invisalign treatment works?

The treatment uses a custom made series of aligners created for the patient. The material used for making braces is a smooth, clear and almost invisible plastic. The patient needs to wear the braces over the teeth as directed by their dentist. The braces will make the teeth shift according to the dentist’s plan. The braces need to be replaced once every two weeks until the treatment is complete. This of course adds to the expensive of them and why so many people wonder how much does Invisalign cost.

The cost of the Invisalign treatment depends on the dentist or the Orthodontist that you choose for treatment. There is no for fixed price for the Invisalign treatment but in US usually the prices vary between $ 3000 and $ 9000. So how much does Invisalign cost, well it could be high or low depending on your location. Also the cost is dependent up on how complex the case is and how long the treatment would last.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost Elsewhere?

The cost of the Invisalign ranges from $ 3000 to $ 7000 in Europe and $5000 to $9000 in Australia.

Effectiveness of Invisalign Treatment

There were several studies conducted over the years to verify the effectiveness of the Invisalign treatment which concluded that if not better, the Invisalign was as efficient as the traditional metal braces.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most obvious and important advantages of Invisalign is cosmetic. Since they are made of transparent plastic Invisalign are far more difficult to detect than braces made of wire and brackets. Its removable nature allows the person to consume food without difficulty an oral hygiene can be kept effectively. Invisalign puts less pressure on the gums and it is a less painful way of straightening teeth.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the cost of the Invisalign treatment. People often wonder how much does Invisalign cost and the actual cost of the Invisalign could be a turn off for many people. The Align Company has conceded that in some people, there could be allergic reactions to the Invisalign braces although these cases are very rare. Hopefully this article has provided you with the answers that you were looking for and you no longer have to wonder
how much does Invisalign cost.

If you would like specific information on how much does Invisalign cost in your location then simply contact us and we will find out for you.


Invisalign Odor – How Can I Make My Aligners Smell Good Again?

It’s an exciting day. Your Invisalign Clear Braces are in and your dentist is fitting your first set. Finally, your on your way to straight teeth and a healthier smile.

Days, maybe even weeks go by and your loving the transformation of your new smile, but wait a minute, what’s that smell? Do you smell it? Is that coming from my mouth?

Ok, it’s not so dramatic. Invisalign odor is very common and usually happens to the best of us. So what should you do if this happens to you?

There are a couple of things that can be done to clear up the odor in your Invisalign Aligners:

Invisalign Tips #1: The most common and recognized is simply brushing your Invisalign Aligner after every meal just as you would your teeth. Minimum you need to brush your Aligners at least every night before bed and every morning when you wake up. The morning is crucial as it will help get rid of your morning breath.
Invisalign Tips #2: Floss your teeth on a daily basis. Flossing is always forgotten, yet a very important step to not only a healthy mouth, but for bad breath as well. Food particles get stuck in between your teeth and stay there until you floss it out, but until then they begin to stink…yuck!
Invisalign Tips #3: Not only is rinsing with an antimicrobial mouth wash very important for your mouth, it can also act as an odor killer for your Invisalign Braces as well. Here’s what you do; In the morning when you wake up brush your Aligners first. Then fill your retainer case full of Antimicrobial Mouth Rinse, then drop in your Aligners. Let your Aligners soak while you brush your teeth, which should be for a good 2 minutes. When your done, take your Invisible Braces out and rinse off with water. Then put them back in your mouth and your on your way with odor free Invisalign Aligners!

Most Invisalign users do steps one and two, but never think of step 3, soaking your aligners in mouth wash. If you have a really bad case of bad breath then I suggest using mouth wash a few times a day and brushing after every meal. Just a suggestion.

Wow, we covered a lot. I hope this was helpful for you in solving your Invisalign Odor and bad breath in general.

Thanks for reading,


Not all water heaters are created equal. Thats why it takes someone with years of experience in the industry to take proper care of your water heater when its feeling down. If you have any water heater needs in Kingsley IA, contact us today and be reassured that your water heater is in good hands.

Although it’s not critical to actually have the world pipes specialist to check on a conduit, you may want an actual professional for your own water heater setup. Here are a couple strategies to have effective water heater installation and repair within the event you someday require these services. Inquiring at your own state’s licensing section to locate installers that focus on gas tankless water heater installation. The very first question an installation specialist will probably ask is around the kind of water heating you’ve right now. In the event you are merely replacing an old unit, you already utilize the exact place for the installment. You’ll want to estimate the region you’ve got available for installation.

The Do This, Get That Guide On Water Heater Installation

Getting the Best Water Heater Installation
Electric tankless water heaters have existed for sometime now. Every time a hot water tap is opened, for instance the tankless heater’s flow turbine receives a signal to begin the heating practice. Firstly, installing a tankless water heater is quite a sophisticated process, so you ought to call a plumber to have it repaired. When it’s time to change out your tank type water heater or you simply purchased a completely new house and need a brand new unit installed, you have to consider the choice of buying a tankless water heater. Many persons choose the simple way out as well as decide to set the heater on the outer wall.

When installing an additional water heater, first you have to decide on the greatest one for you. A conventional water heater operates by keeping a tank of hot water in the prepared. They could be point-of-use heaters as well as a whole-house unit. Installing water heaters which are tankless isn’t a challenging task especially whenever you have professionals to cope with the units. The sophistication of the setup process will be contingent on the form of softener used. As a homeowner, it’s simple to forget or make the most of a popular water heater.

It truly is critically important that you simply locate a qualified tankless installation tech. Along with the aforementioned plumbing options, they could conveniently manage most of your pipes – associated installation, repairing and replacement requirements. It only makes good sense to get that all checked out by an authorized plumber as soon as an installation is crucial. This could be a residence contractor, plumber, or another individual who was involved with the installation.

Warming water for the house is among the largest uses of energy in the house It’ll be possible to modify from a traditional gas water heater though, leading to added wiring and conduits needing to be set up. In case the heater cannot receive the required flow of gas, the onboard computer will create a fault combined with the heater isn’t going to work right. Electric flash water heaters are more adaptable in regards to setup with regards to the gas versions, nevertheless. Either way, the heater requires to be replaced pronto. They provide substantial savings with regard to energy, like a tankless unit, minus the higher setup costs related to tankless systems.

Stage -of-use heaters are made to only heat where they’re installed in Kingsley IA. Supplied the units are installed in the appropriate manner and with the proper safe guards, you’re sure to enjoy your own heater for a extended time. Some of those systems were designed to connect like a standard electric unit which indicates the setup is quite much like that of a standard tank storage unit.

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Q: Are you taking new patients?

A: New patients are always welcome. Contact us today to make a new patient appointment and discover a whole new way to experience dentistry! We are proud of the services we provide and appreciate your referrals of family and friends.

Q: Is it going to hurt?

A: Dentistry has come a long way over the years and both dental and hygiene visits are now even more comfortable than ever.

Q: What can I expect at my first visit?

A: At your first visit you will be welcomed by a member of our Client Care Staff who will offer you a beverage while you take a moment to fill out a medical questionnaire. Once you have completed your questionnaire, our Treatment Coordinator will escort you to a private meeting room to take your personal information for our files. This is also your opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and learn about the many dental services provided at Image Dental Studio.

You will then have a full examination by one of our dentists in order to assess your needs. It is our goal to provide all of our patients with the very best care in a comfortable and casual setting. We are always enhancing our services and welcome suggestions and comments from our clients. We look forward to meeting you and your family at your first visit.

Q: How can I reach you in case of emergency?

A: We are concerned about your oral health 24/7. Our dentists carry a pager and may be reached after hours using the phone number provided to you by our treatment staff. We strive to ensure we are available should you have an emergency. In the event that you do not reach a dentist, emergency numbers are provided on our answering service.

Q: How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

A: We recommend that you have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist at least every six months and every three to four months should you have periodontal disease. Our hygienists are experienced professionals who can recommend the treatment that is best for you.

Q: Where can I park?

A: For your convenience, parking is available to the back of our office. However, should the parking lot be full when you arrive for your appointment, we recommend parking on the street between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Q: If I have to have freezing, will it hurt and how long will it last?

A: Freezing is no longer a painful procedure. We first apply a topical gel that numbs the gums even before we give freezing to make the experience much more comfortable. Freezing generally lasts between 2 and 5 hours depending on the procedure.

Q: If my insurance isn’t willing to pay, does that mean the treatment isn’t necessary?

A: Our job is to recommend the best treatment for you. Insurance policies vary depending on the package your employer purchased. Insurance policies have general allowances for a great number of employees and do not look at the specific needs of the individual. Denial of coverage does not in anyway reflect the necessity of the treatment, but rather the contract’s limitations on eligible procedures.

Q: Can I still have treatment if I am pregnant?

A: Pregnant women tend to experience swollen and tender gums during pregnancy. This is due to the excess of hormones in the body, so extra attention should be paid to the teeth and gums during this time. We do not recommend x-rays unless absolutely necessary or bleaching your teeth while pregnant. However, the majority of procedures are safe for expecting mothers. It is often recommended that elective procedures be done after the first trimester. Massage mats, gel eye packs, pillows and blankets are available for your added comfort.

Q: What do you have available for anxiety?

A: Many people suffer from anxiety so you are not alone. We offer nitrous oxide for those patients who feel they can benefit from a relaxant during their appointment. The nitrous oxide (laughing gas) does not have a lingering effect so you can drive home right after your appointment. Patients who wish to have nitrous oxide are asked to refrain from eating 2 hours prior to their appointment to avoid upset stomach.

Q: What type of dental floss should I use?

A: There are many dental floss products on the market, but we like to recommend Glide floss as it never shreds and is easy to use. Ask us for a free sample at your next visit!

Q: My son wants to pierce his tongue. Should I be concerned?

A: There are many risks associated with tongue piercing including nerve damage, swelling, infection, bad breath, cracked and broken teeth, gum recession, and impaired speech to name only a few. We strongly recommend that anyone wanting to have their tongue pierced speak to a dental professional and become fully informed before making any decisions.

Q: Does my home water filter remove fluoride from the water?

A: Water filters do not remove fluoride.

Q: Does bottled water contain fluoride?

A: Bottled water does not contain fluoride. Most toothpaste will supply an adequate amount of fluoride.

Q: How often should I brush?

A: We recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice daily, morning and night.

Q: Do whitening toothpastes really work?

A: Whitening toothpastes help to remove plaque and stain, but will not whiten the teeth significantly. There are several whitening products on the market that are much more effective.

Q: Do the whitening products you can buy in the drugstore work?

A: In some cases, yes. Please ask your dentist which whitening product is right for you. There are many factors, which could affect the success of the whitening process.

Q: Are electric toothbrushes better than manual brushes?

A: In most cases, electric brushes are more effective in removing plaque and bacteria. Ask your dentist which one is right for you.