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Online ballroom dance lessons
Welcome to my blog. I decided to devote this blog to the people who want to study ballroom dancing. First of all I’d like to say that I have been practicing ballroom dancing during 15 years. And now I can speak with confidence that in order to learn how to dance it is not necessarily to go to dance school. You even can not imagine what problems you will face: the poor quality education, a constant shortage of partners, stuffy halls, etc. And while trial and error method, you will find a school where learning ballroom dance lessons. But how much time and money you have to spend on that endlessly tedious, uninteresting ballroom dance lessons and the search …
I have 3 friends, professional ballroom dancers, with whom I give online ballroom dance lessons. And after years of practicing I would like to share my knowledge with the people who want to study ballroom dancing. If you have such desire or have some question you’re free to contact me. Each following page I devote the definite ballroom dancing: salsa, tango, mambo & merengue, waltz, bachata & cumbia, rumba, cha cha, paso doble, fox trot & quick step. In my blog you also will find an inquirer “Would you like to have online ballroom dance lessons?” Beforehand thanks everybody for the comments and requests.

I understand your desire to learn merengue, meringue came to us from the Dominican Republic (Caribbean), and its merry mood reflects the atmosphere of eternal tropical holiday. Merengue dance steps are simple, music is pleasant and rhythmical and not just for those who dances, but also for those who simply listens it. Meringue does not require space; you can dance merengue steps at all patch of free space. To learn merengue means to penetrate with the culture of Dominican Republic. If you have no time to go to dance school but you have a strong desire to learn merengue dance you can rely on my professional ballroom dancing experience. I with my professional partner don’t aside your comments in the inquirer. Everybody who wants to learn mambo or meringue and need professional advice will get it.
There are two versions of national origin of Dominican merengue dance. The first version, that is the most probable, the dance was assumed by slaves collecting sugar cane. Movements resemble steps with the chain on the legs, because slaves were grappled in a single chain, as well as because of cast iron balls that were attached to the legs. (Interpretation – slaves were shackled by right feet, to the left feet were attached cast iron balls, and they reap cane under the strokes of drum and the movement of a number of slaves in the cane by the right-side with overstepping and pulling up the cast iron balls served as basis for the merengue dance steps). The second story claims that the hero of one of the many revolutions in the Dominican Republic, General Maringie was shot in the leg. Rural residents, welcoming him back home, at the celebration of the victory out of sympathy danced limping on one, then the other leg. This version is quite questionable.
Mambo. Mambo appeared in 1940-four in Cuba. Unlike salsa, merengue and lambada, mambo has no distinct folk roots, it was created artificially. It is interesting, the name “Mambo” is attributed to a famous magician Voodoo because of their ability to load people into the hypnotic trans. It was believed that they were able to put in mambo part of its magic. Dance has been convicted by the Catholic Church or banned by authorities of some Latin American countries, which only added popularity to mambo dance. Nowadays a lot of people all over the world learn mambo. Mambo dance steps are really worth to learn.

Rumba, Cha cha, Paso doble
All Latin American dances such as Rumba, Cha-cha-cha, Paso doble were created on the basis of the folk dances and songs that merged traditions of three cultures: Indian, Spanish and Negro. They are distinguished by the variety of rhythms and the pace (from slow to fast), originality of plastic movements of corps, hands and thighs. All dances are free for improvisation.
Paso doble depicting the corrida, the battle of matador with a bull, where the lady partner performs the role of partner’s raincoat, it is her primary role. The music of Paso doble based on the march that means the beginning of the corrida.
It is consider to think that Rumba appeared in Cuba, along with African slaves. Rumba name might appear, thanks to term “rumboso orquestra” that in 1807 signified musicians who performed dance melodies. In Spain, the word means “carousal”, “rout”, etc., there are other versions of the appearance of dance title.
Latin American dances (rumba dance, cuban rumba, etc.) are sensual and significant, expressive and sometimes even frank with inflammatory and beautiful music. This is a firework display of emotion, positive energy and vivacity, an excellent opportunity to express your individuality and show your temperament. If you are ready to learn rumba, paso doble dance steps, or may be you want to learn cha cha I can offer you professional on-line dance material. It is very easy to learn rumba as well as learn cha cha or Paso doble.
Salsa dancing
There are many ways to dance salsa and their number is increasing. It depends on the dancer origin and how he or she learned to dance. Latin salsa is the paired social dance. Under social dance it is implied a dance with certain precepts, but does not pushed in the strict frame. In other words, the dance has basic rules. Once the rules were understood it allows two dancers to dance together and freely adjust to each other in the dance, even if they have never seen before each other. This means that each movement must begin with a single and easily identifiable “signal to act”. The use of this signals at the beginning and then in the process of salsa dancing allows each of the partners dance without hesitation.
Dancing even the most basic salsa steps, we follow four tact in music, but do only three salsa dance steps, each of which lasts as much as a stroke. At last, on the fourth tact, we do pause or we add decorated movement. You can move or dance on the same place, that is simply beautiful walk, making three salsa dance steps with a pause in the middle. The inherent simplicity makes salsa dancing extraordinarily flexible; dance as you want! You can move in any direction as well you can remain at the same place, dance in a line or a circle. None of the Latin American dance has deliberate movements of thighs. Movement of thigh is a natural consequence of the transferring weight from one leg to another.
Sometimes useful perceive Latin salsa dance as sexual pantomime, but that does not mean that man should be sexually aggressive. You should dance with a touch of sexuality. Although the man leads during the whole dance, the idea is that the man is trying to tempt lady, he seeks to advance, but she repels him. I remember my salsa lessons. I was dancing with my partner, now he is also professional dancer. All the lessons were filled with “lovely fight” between us. At that time I studied at the university and had to write term paper. But I was infatuated with salsa so much that I even had to turn to research paper writing service. Fortunately, I turned in time my term paper.
Please, answer my inquirer “Would you like to have online ballroom dance lessons?” If you want to learn salsa online I do my best to help you with material and information. To learn salsa means to receive pleasure!


Learn tango
Dec 17
“Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham
Everybody knows tango is a mood. But we forget about the fact that only we bring a mood in a tango dance. The mood is not only stratified at the ballroom tango, but often identifies dancing itself. The mood of tango dancing is the most important thing. It is as the inspiration for the poet, as sounded melodies in the soul of the musician. Jorge Luis Borges said: “El Tango es la directa expresión de lo que comúnmente los poetas han tratado de definir en palabras como: la creencia de que la lucha puede ser un festejo”. It means that tango is a direct expression of something that poets have often tried to state in words: the belief that a fight may be a celebration.
One day after my long discussion on argentine tango, when I tried to explain the idea of this amazing dance to my friend from the university, I was first asked to formulate the essence of tango, but summing up in a nutshell. To the question “So what is a spanish tango?” I said: “For the partner is an improvisation, for lady is an intuition.” Argentine tango is creativity. And without this, even admirably performed dance, no matter how technically correct and accurate it performed, it could not become tango.
Namely intuition gives consistency. The both partners dream the dance to become a true tango. At the same time tango can be quite varied. Tango dancing depends on the energy that partner radiates and the mood that expressed in the dance.
If passion and desire it will be passionate tango, if tenderness it will be lyrical.
If sympathy and sensuality, and tangera supports it might be a funny tango game.
Jealousy and hatred culminate the dramatic tango.
Each of the hypnotic tango moods can create a beautiful by expressiveness, a unique dance. For expression of the beauty of this harmony you learn tango steps and practice them secretly every day, day in and day out. The partner task is to think of technical translating of the idea of the dance, lady partner task is not only to feel the idea of dancing, not only echo partner, but also to convey the nuances of dancing mood.
If you want to learn tango do not hesitate to contact me. I can recommend you the necessary material and help you to learn tango.

Learn waltz
Dec 17
Waltz!!! Waltz!!! Waltz!!! How many things are hidden under this word. Austrian folk lendler dance, and Provencal volts dance are the ancestors of the ballroom waltz. In France volts was forbidden to perform in the courtyard, and Cardinal Richelieu saw undermine of the foundations of religion and society in it. But volts was mixed with lendler, won popularity in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, received extensive new character, and smooth sliding movements, got rid of jumps and received a new name Waltz (from the German word “walzen” -go round). And none of the highest orders and official criticism could stop waltz dancing in the ballroom, concert halls, rural and urban dance pavilions. Thousands of songs sound in the rhythm of waltz, waltz sounds in the operas, Operettas, in the films. Many composers write symphony and concerts waltzes, the waltz is one of the most popular dances, but with this name hides a variety of dances: Viennese waltz, French waltz, English waltz, wedding waltz, the Christmas waltz, etc.
The famous Viennese waltz is also has its history. While the waltz had a huge success and created real furore in many courts of Europe, at the very beginning of IXX century the official attitude to the waltz was very cautious at the ball in the Vienna. Waltz was allowed to dance no more than 10 minutes: chevalier embrace with the ladies during the dance were not considered to be quite fitting. And today Viennese waltz ballroom dancing keeps IXX century’s traditions: corpus should be strictly smart, artificial bends and affectations are not welcome. Changeable tempo and constantly alternating left and right turns are the beauty of the Vienna waltz. Impetuous Vienna waltz whirling requires from pair full understanding. Dance steps waltz as well as any movements in Vienna waltz must be performed smoothly and with grace, despite the rapid whirling. In its 150 year history of existence waltz has often been changed. Slow waltz finally formed in England. From this classic Vienna waltz, slow waltz differs by music, movements, and today is considered to be independent dancing.
It is really wonderful dance. I remember one significant competition for me. That time I have been studying in my second year. But the preparation to the competitions coincided with the research paper writing. I couldn’t miss this competition as well as fail my research paper writing. The only way out for me was to continue preparation to the ballroom competition and to turn to research paper writing service. I am lucky – I won that competition with my partner and thanks to the really professional writes I didn’t fail my research paper writing. They saved me from troubles and sleepless night. Oh, I look aside…for me it is a vivid recollection…
Now I really want to help everybody who wants to learn waltz. Please, leave your comments and requests. I explain how to waltz. I also can recommend you necessary on-line material. I have a year’s dance experience and I’m ready to share it with you. I learned how to waltz a lot of people. Believe me learn waltz, as any other kind of ballroom dance, is the pleasure for soul and body.

Learn bachata & cumbia
Dec 17
You want to learn bachata dance or cumbia dance but you have no calisthenics that’s why you are worry about your health. Cast aside your doubts. You can start bachata or cumbia dancing with almost any age and at all ages: from the very young to the very respected. Dancing is good that do not require forced loads: organism of the beginner dancers gradually accustomes to increasingly complex exercises that arise in practice. In addition bachata dance steps and cumbia dance steps are easy to learn. Having desire you may learn bachata dance steps and cumbia dance steps at any age. Just leave your request in my inquirer and my professional partner or I help you to change your life for better.
Just think only about the facts that dancing develops well the coordination of movements. Dancing promotes a good bearing and a beautiful gait. Dancing develops respiratory system of human beings. It is known for certain that dances prolong life, help maintain the general tone and enable to preserve human’s efficiency and vitality to the last days of life. Have you ever seen depressed retired folk dancers? Do not ever find! Turn to me with your questions I will answer everybody.

Learn FoxTrot & Quick Step
Dec 17
At the Latin American club party is decided not to separate dances. No one will approach and ask: “What are you dancing, salsa or quick step, rumba or fox trot? People are simply plunged into the atmosphere of incendiary of Latin rhythms, dancing and enjoy. Nowadays men who have recently casted aside all kinds of stereotypes, began to learn foxtrot, how to dance meringue as well as to learn quick step with no less passion than women. And it must be said that the most men are succeeded. They do not afraid to learn fox trot or other Latin American dances. Knowing how to fox trot, how to dance mambo or rumba allows you to feel calmly at such parties. The Latin American club dancing does not differ by complex technology, they are simple in the mastering, and the main requirement is not to be indifferent, and express your emotions and feelings openly.
You may learn quick step or learn fox trot, while dancing only some movement but each time with another partner or partners, under a new melody is born something unique, unrepeatable, with its emotions and passions. And exactly in this hides bewitch attractiveness of Latin American dance.