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DURING YOUR ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT, we know you hear a lot from our team about the importance of brushing and flossing. But there are other things (we tend to talk less about) that can really assist you in maintaining the health of your teeth so that when your orthodontic treatment concludes, your smile will be drop-dead gorgeous.

Eating Right Helps Fend Off Plaque, Gingivitis, And Periodontal Disease
Your tooth enamel is your smile’s first defense against decay. When your enamel becomes damaged (or erodes) you become more prone to tooth sensitivity and cavities. Your diet can have a lot to do with replenishing those things in your body that help strengthen tooth enamel. Calcium is one of those things. Also, foods rich in vitamin D (like salmon) allow you to better absorb the calcium that healthy teeth need.

“Super-Smile” Foods That May Surprise You
Broccoli – Broccoli has been shown to create an acid-resistant teeth “shield”.
Onions – Onions have properties that fight bacteria in your mouth.
Kiwi (Vitamin C) – The little fuzzy guys are packed with more Vitamin C than any other fruit. A lack of Vitamin C can break down the collagen network in your gums, making them tender and more susceptible to bacteria and gum disease.
Celery – Celery is like an edible tooth-scrubber. Because of its fibrous material, it massages gums, cleans teeth, and encourages saliva production (a major plus).
Other Crunchy Veggies – Other crunchy vegetables and fruits like apples or carrots are also great for your smile.
Quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah”) – This little grain is loaded with minerals and vitamins that support and reinforce your teeth.
Shiitaki Mushrooms – These yummy mushrooms contain a sugar called Lentinan that helps prevent mouth bacteria from growing.
Sesame Seeds – Sesame seeds help your teeth in two ways. First, they act as little scrubbers, clearing up plaque on your teeth. Second, they supply lots of calcium.
Of course, this list includes only a small fraction of the foods that can contribute to great oral health.

Stay tuned to our orthodontic blog for more great ideas to help keep your mouth healthy. We always love hearing from you too. Contact us any time you have questions—regardless of the subject. We’ll get back to you right away. You can also always comment below, or send us a direct message from our Facebook page.

Happy food prep (and eating)!
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Finding the best orthodontist should not be difficult. We take the time needed with our patients and their families to make sure they feel informed about their orthodontic options, comfortable with our doctor and staff and confident when they decided to get orthodontic treatment from us. Our practice is dedicated to continuing education, staying up with the latest (and most effective) orthodontics treatment procedures and providing the wonderful people a top-notch orthodontic facility.

Whatever your orthodontic needs are, we’re here to provide the best service you can find in the area.

Gaps in your smile?
No problem. You do not need to feel resigned to having an embarrassing smile for the rest of your life. Smile gaps can be effectively and affordably treated.

Crooked Teeth?
An imperfect smile can be a surprisingly difficult burden to bear these days. We understand that. We also understand that some people have deep fears of dentistry in general. We truly care about our patients and will make sure you are comfortable on all of your visits. Also, you should know that we strive to make orthodontics affordable for our patients. Don’t let fear of the unknown make you live uncomfortably because of an embarrassing smile or crooked teeth.

Under / Overbite?
Modern orthodontics make it possible to effectively and efficiently treat underbite or overbite issues which can lead to greater dental issues than just an imperfect smile. Uneven tooth wear and jaw or neck pain may result from these issues. Trust us, it’s much better to take care of the issue before further complications arise. Rest assured that our doctor and staff will help you feel comfortable and partner with you in making the best decision for your situation and circumstances.

Just call and schedule a visit and we will let you know about the orthodontic treatments that will work best for your smile AND your budget. Our practice is the place to go for all your orthodontic needs.



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