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The decision to get braces, be them the old brackets and wires model or invisalign braces, is a big one. The result is going to be a few years of maintenance, a pretty serious dental-medical procedure, and a substantial expense. For all of these reasons, it is important to choose wisely the orthodontist in Charleston with whom you want to work. There are a lot of factors to take into account other than the ones just mentioned, such as driving proximity to your home. You are going to need to see this orthodontist somewhat regularly. Because of this, you may want to stay close to home if you can. Of course, you want to factor in all of the orthodontist’s professional qualifications. Is he or she qualified in all of the ways that he or she is supposed to be? If not, that makes your decision on that orthodontist easy. But the first three reasons mentioned are probably the most salient. First, the orthodontics experience is going to be one that takes a lot of time. Is this an orthodontist that you will want to work with for a few years? This could refer to the orthodontist’s temperament. Does he or she have a personality that you think that you would be able to work with professionally and personally? They are working with your children, and you want to feel good about that. But you also have to navigate lots of professional issues, too. Sometimes, working professionally with someone that you admire personally can be more challenging than some people realize at first. Because you or your children are going to have braces for a number of years, you also want an orthodontist that is reliable and consistent. You needed sustained quality service over the course of those years. You do not want an orthodontist that is going to have good days and bad days. The next point is that this is a major dental procedure, and this reinforces the need to hire a quality orthodontist. As alluded to, you do want to check the reputation of the doctor. Make sure that this orthodontist is known for giving quality and knowledgeable service. You or your children are going to endure a lot of discomfort in this process, and you are going to spend more than a little money getting these braces put on. For all of these reasons you want to make sure that the orthodontist has a reputation as a professional in the field. And this touches on the last point: the money Different orthodontics offices have different pay structures, and different insurance companies cover different procedures. But no matter how the payment comes down, someone is paying a lot of money for these braces. As in any transaction, you want to get what you pay for, and hopefully that thing that you pay for is something quality. Wisely choose an orthodontist that is going to guide you through the payment process and make it simple for you. You also want to ensure that you are, in fact, getting what you paid for.
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My dad is a periodontistFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

I grew up with a dentist for a dad, and not even just a general dentist but a periodontist. That meant that any time we ever ate candy or popcorn, he would pull out the floss and make us all take care of our teeth. It was really embarrassing as a child, but now that I look back on it I am really grateful that he gave me such great habits to take me through life with. I am the person who always takes care of my teeth, and I floss and brush and swirl every morning and every night. I have never even had a cavity, though my dad always says that is really more genetic than anything. But either way, I know that my dad goes to work every day and does oral surgeries and puts indental implants for patients, and so there are a lot of people out there who don’t have good teeth. I am happy for the benefit of growing up with those great habits, because it has kept me out of his dentist chair. While I do go to the dentist at least once a year for the annual check up and cleaning, I have never had to visit a periodontist for any reason, thank goodness. I know that my husband did not grow up with the same dental habits that I did, and so he has had to have many different procedures done in his adult life on his teeth. They have all been painful and long lasting, and they are not things that I want to go through with my own mouth. 

I am raising my kids just like my dad did with me, to always floss after a meal and to brush and rinse and swish their mouths every night and every morning. I hope that I can instill in them the same things that he did with me. That I like going to the dentist and that the dentist is fun and helpful and keeps your teeth clean. But that you don’t want to be in a position where you need the services of a periodontist, because that means that you have not really been taking care of your teeth, and they are going to need outside help if they are going to stay strong and in your mouth. We don’t want cavities and gum disease or any other reason for a dental implant. We want strong and healthy teeth that are going to last for the entirety of their lives. I hope that I am able to get that across to them, because it is going to be very important to them when they are adults, that they kept up with their teeth. And that they never had to visit their grand father in his place of work, and get into that periodontist chair. I want them to keep all their teeth, just like my dad taught me how to do when I was growing up. It wasn’t a bad thing to have a periodontist for a father.


My aging mother is sensitive about needing a dental implantFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

My mother is getting into her late sixties now, and is close to retirement. After getting divorced nearly ten years ago, she realized she was going to have to work longer than she had planned, and retire later than she wanted to, but she was in pretty good health and I figured at least this would keep her mind able and occupied. I had been nervous about her being alone for so long, but at least I knew she would keep busy with her job for several more years.

Now, here we were, at the several more years point. She was close to wanting to retire but figured she had better get a couple more years in so that her salary would be hiring and her retirement fund would be padded a little bit more. I knew she would get social security at a decent rate and she would be covered by Medicare for her health but I worried about her anyway. And I worried with good reason, apparently. She called me last week with a toothache. She would not even have mentioned it I don’t think, except she was nibbling on a snack while we were on the phone and said “ouch” loudly at one point. I pestered her to tell me what was bothering her and she finally admitted she had a toothache. She had at least made an appointment to see her dentist but it would not be for several days still. I asked her if she had been lately and she said she still abides by her doctor’s preventive dentistry recommendations, with cleanings twice per year, but that she usually skips the exam part because they charge so much for two minutes of the dentist glancing at your teeth.

I told her to call me as soon as she was done with the dentist, which she did. I am pretty sure she waited a couple of hours but I was glad she called regardless. I had a feeling she was going to lose a tooth but I had not wanted to tell her that ahead of time or freak her out at all. I was right. The dentist wanted her to have at least one tooth extracted and a dental implant put in in its place. This did spook my mother a bit, but I talked her down after a while, explaining that it was no big deal. I knew she felt sensitive about getting old, so I tried to explain to her that they do this for anyone who has to lose a tooth, no matter their age. He also wanted her to have a root canal on a different tooth, and he would be able to do both at the same time.

I promised mom I would go with her so I could drive her to and from the appointment, and take care of her afterwards. I knew she was nervous but oral surgery is not a big deal, and I did my best to keep her calm and convince her that it would be best for her health in the long run if she removed unhealthy teeth and replaced them.
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Have Your Dental Problems Fixed Early to Avoid Bigger Problems LaterFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

Dental problems can be very painful. If you wake up with a bad toothache you will need to call your dentist and get in to see him immediately. Most of us experience some kind of tooth pain sometime during our lifetime. If we have seen our dentist on a regular basis, we will most likely catch problems before they develop into something more serious. Serious dental problems such as swollen gums, painful teeth, receding gums, missing teeth or something else, can lead to serious health problems if not taken care of. Receding gums can cause other problems such as bacteria getting underneath the gums that can cause infection. This can lead to serious health problems such as problems with your heart. People often don’t realize why it’s so important to take care of your teeth to protect the rest of the body. It’s always a good idea to see your family dentist every six months or more oftenif he suggests, to make sure that your mouth stays healthy. The mouth is the window to the rest of the body. Infections in the mouth can lead to infection in the rest of the body which can lead to heart problems or other problems in the body.

Having missing teeth or crooked teeth can also lead to other problems. If your teeth aren’t properly aligned they can cause your other teeth to move which can throw off your whole bite which can lead to pain and even bacterial problems. If you have missing teeth the other teeth may start to move and this will lead to braces in the future. That’s why it’s so important to see your dentist is you have missing teeth. There are different things that they can do to fix the problem of missing teeth. Sometimes a bridge can work where fake teeth will be placed to bridge the gap and held by wire that attaches to the permanent teeth. A bridge does not need to be taken out to brush your teeth but can stay in permanently. Every time you go to see you family dentisthe will check it out to make sure that it is okay and doing its job. It will feel so good to have your teeth taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis. By properly maintaining your mouth care, you are taking care of the whole body.

At Refresh Dental, they will tackle almost any kind of problem. They have the means to replace teeth with implants and they can help you with dental veneers. It depends on which kind of problem that you have as to what they will need to do to correct your missing teeth. They can give you back your gorgeous smile and your confidence. Having missing or crooked teeth can not only make your feel inferior or insecure but can affect the health of your whole body. Let the dental crew at Refresh Dental help you with all of your dental needs. They want you to look and feel your best!

Invisalign Braces Won’t Hurt Your MouthFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

I am sold on the value of orthodontics. I really am. I believe that it is more than just a way of making your teeth look straight and beautiful, although they do that. I think that it is important for children to get braces early so that they are able to correct any problems that they might have before the problem gets out of control. But with all of that said, I hated my braces. I hated them so much. In fact, I hated them with such a fiery passion that I wore by rubber bands every single day and most of the day. These are the rubber bands that most people wore only at night. They were painful and uncomfortable and no one could understand me. I didn’t care. I knew that this was righteous suffering that had to be endured in order to get these braces off in a shorter amount of time.

For me, it was not about not liking the way I looked. I frankly did not care about the way that I looked. It was not that I spoke funny. I have been a bit of a mush-mouth all of my life anyway. What I hated so much was the discomfort that this caused me and my mouth. I was in pain daily. It was the pain of the roots that was caused by the tension on the teeth, but this is normal and just the way that orthodontics goes. What really go me about my braces was the way that the brackets on the braces poked my cheeks and the inside of my mouth. I am prone to canker sores as it is. So when there were all of these little pointy brackets in my mouth causing little cuts and sores, I was particularly annoyed by all of these canker sores. I wish that I had worn invisalign braces.

Invisalign braces are transparent braces that can hardly be seen by others. Teens and adults alike love them for this reason. The embarrassment associated with having a mouth full of braces goes away when you have invisible braces. This is particularly advantageous for working adults who go to an office. Should someone care about the way that they look? No. But they probably do and that is just the realities of life. But invisalign braces help.

But I think that the greatest benefit is the fact that they do not hurt your mouth because there are not brackets. Instead, they look a bit like thin mouth guards. They will never poke your cheeks in the way that my kinds of braces did. They are gentle to the mouth and easy on the eyes. Furthermore, you do not have to abide by any dietary restrictions when you wear these braces, like you might when you are wearing the regular kinds. Invisalign braces offer a ton of benefits to teens and adults, and I think that chief among these is the fact that they do not hurt your mouth in the way that the brackets do.
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It Was Time To Focus On Cosmetic DentistryFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

I talk with a lot of people who want to take shortcuts that don’t even exist when it comes to their oral hygiene. I try to explain that it isn’t that complicated and to think about your teeth like you hopefully think about your car, your teeth need routine maintenance to keep them in working order just like your car does. I went to school for a long time to learn how to fix issues that could only be caused by years of neglect, I also learned how to prevent those issues. I didn’t understand how so many people neglected their teeth, like they weren’t going to have to personally deal with the damage eventually. I got into cosmetic dentistry because I wanted to make a good living and I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn’t want to go to more than 10 total years of school. Now, my practice was doing well and I was thinking about taking on a partner to help with all of the business, it would also give me the opportunity to focus on marketing our invisalign and other cosmetic services. We obviously made money on general dentistry but there was honestly better money in aesthetics like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding and invisalign so I wanted to find a way to maximize our profits.

It was important for me to still provide a full array of general dental services for the entire family, I just wanted to make it known that we were also completely capable of servicing their cosmetic needs as well. I thought that it might be a good idea to bring in an old, traditional dentist to take over all of the general dentistry so I could focus on cosmetic side of the dentistry business. I felt like I was a lot better at fixing people’s smiles than I was filling in their cavities but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I was just more motivated to work on people’s smiles than I was their crowns and root canals. I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that people who came in to see me to improve their smiles actually wanted to be there whereas everyone else was there because they felt they had to be. This was probably how a lot of public school teachers felt, I thought as I drilled into a patient’s molar. I was done being altruistic and fighting the good fight, if people didn’t want to take care of their teeth then fine, I didn’t feel it was my job to try and convince them that they should anymore. I was just going to focus my energies on providing the services that people wanted, I felt like it would probably help me feel better about coming into work everyday as well. I needed to talk to my wife about it though before I made any major decisions but I didn’t anticipate any issues, I’m sure that she’d be supportive of anything that made me feel better about my job.
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Orthodontics Combines Health and Good LooksFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

When I was younger, I used to think that braces were only about looks. I thought that braces were tools used to make your teeth straight and neat-looking. But as I got older, I began to realize that it is far more complicated than that. Braces are also about health. And there are ways that bad teeth can harm you, more than just your image. You want your teeth to fit together neatly. Your teeth are like little gears that fit together neatly. When they do, you are able to chew effectively but you are also able to speak more clearly. People sometimes forget that speech has more to do with the tongue than other parts of the mouth. If the tongue is crowded by misplaced teeth, then you child could develop speech patterns indicative of a speech impediment. But problems can be even more severe. Some people end up needed surgery on their jaws. There can be deeper problems related to the jawbone that needs adjustment. Left untreated, these can produce agonizing migraines and other problems. If you are having migraines, you first guess might not be that it has to do with your jaw. The first person you see would probably not be an orthodontist. And yet these are the far reaching problems that a lack of orthodontic care can produce. On the other hand, who are we kidding? It is also very much about aesthetics, as well. We want straight looking teeth that are neat and beautiful. We could say that straight teeth are the epiphenomenon of dental care. Like a lack of bad breath from using mouthwash is just the indirect consequence of killing all of the germs, we could also say that straight beautiful teeth is just the after-effect of straight, properly functioning teeth. But I think that this would be somewhat disingenuous. Good looking teeth is a lot of people’s primary goal, which is fine. As long as they have proper dental health, what does it matter? And there are ways that you can have a great smile while you still have your braces on. Invisalign braces are all the rage right now. They are transparent braces. No one will even know that you are wearing them. Invisalign braces are great for adults that do not feel comfortable donning the trappings of a junior high student. They will feel great, look great, and you will be well on your way to a beautiful smile and good dental health. Orthodontics combines both of those in one swift motion. Because of this, you do not have to choose. It is not always the case, but braces are an instance in which the thing that makes you look good is also the best thing for you. This point can be overstated in other fields, like exercise. You can certainly over-do it with exercise. But with braces, a beautiful smile is an indication of a healthy smile. So go take your kid down to the orthodontist’s office and get an inspection today.
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Like Invisalign, Orthodontics Technology Is ChangingFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

What must it have been like to be an orthodontics patient in the late 19th century or the early 20th century? Sometimes, I have the tendency to idealize the past as rustic and idyllic, but I am less inclined to do so when I think about early American orthodontists. We have certainly come a long way in terms of our orthodontics technology. Not only does this make the process more comfortable and less prone to injury or medical mistakes, I have to imagine that it makes the entire process more effective. So there is no reason not to harness the advantages of our modern era. While there may be some virtue in adhering to tried and true methods, there is also virtue in not fearing technology and novelty. Consider invisalign braces. These are transparent braces. They are hard to see, and they save teens and adults alike from the embarrassment of those big, gaudy metal braces crammed into our mouth. Furthermore, you do not have to adhere to any dietary restrictions. That means that you can eat popcorn, caramel, gum, and all of the other things that are normally prohibited by the normal braces of brackets and wires. The best part of invisalign braces, in my humble opinion, is that they do not scratch your mouth. These braces look like small mouth guards. They set right over the faces of your teeth. There are no pointy edges of brackets. When I had my braces, the worst part was the scratches to the inside of my cheeks or my gums. These scratches would sometimes turn into canker sores. Then the brackets would continue to exacerbate the sore. It was as bad as it sounded. Invisalign braces completely sidestep this feature of orthodontics. So these braces do not hurt your mouth, let you eat whatever you want, and they are invisible so that you do not have to declare to the world at large that you are wearing braces. It must be too good to be true. They must not work properly. They must take considerably longer than brackets and wire braces, right? Nope. They work just as well. It is not a trick. It is just a technological advancement. I notice in older generations the tendency to think that a certain level of discomfort or effort is necessary for something to be good. This can preclude them from taking advantage of the tools at their disposal. Orthodontics is just the same. We have just come a long way. Can you imagine if we transported an orthodontist from the year 1890 to the present day and showed him our brackets and wire braces? He might also think that it were just a trick or a charlatan sham. We would also think that he is naïve. It is exciting to think of the possibilities for medical technology in the future. And this extends beyond just orthodontics. Orthodontics, however, will also be on the receiving end of these innovations. Invisalign is just one example of  how technology innovation has made dental health easier to achieve.

How To Build Your Self ConfidenceFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone. Has your self-confidence taken a plunge due to a comment regarding your teeth? Your own observation regarding a less than perfect smile, or suggestions by anorthodontist to fix your teeth? If so, don’t worry. This situation is temporary and can be fixed in no time – and without anyone even knowing!

By the time you’re done straightening your teeth, you’re likely to get comments asking what exactly has been done.

Here’s how invisalign works:

It’s an invisible plastic braces that is naked to the any onlookers’ eye – unless it’s a dentist of course. In addition, the braces are usually tailored to the customer’s mouth structure, as the orthodontist will usually form these from an x-ray or the patient taking a bite into a mold. There are several formations done over a series of one and a half to every two years. In addition, the orthodontist will typically check in with the patient to determine if any discomfort is being experienced, or if there need to be any changes made.

The cost of invisalign can vary from one provider to a next, but this can usually be found out easily online. In addition, some dental insurance may cover all or part of the procedure – so check in with the insurance company to see.

Invisalign braces are also very portable, which means it’s not affixed to the actual teeth in a permanent sense. It acts as a cover over regular teeth – which means you can wash your own teeth properly as well as the invisalign braceseach and every day.

Smile Specialist
Invisalign and contact lenses can help teenagers who worry about their appearancesFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

Being a teenager is a difficult period in everyone’s life. Hormones are raging and social cliques are forming and everyone just wants to fit in. Being different as a teenager is torturous for many, and most teens report just striving to fit in and be like their peers. This includes the activities they do, their appearances, and anything else that makes them more like their classmates. Having glasses, braces, or being overweight can add to a teen’s discomfort during an already uncomfortable period in their life.

Luckily, technology has come quite a long ways since the old days of mouths full of metal, which is what most adults picture when they envision their child getting braces. They might recall their own years as children or teenagers with painful metal braces that needed regular, painful tightening. They undoubtedly look back on childhood pictures and see the braces in school pictures and scrapbooks. Today’s kids have more options, however. Contact lens technology has evolved to the point of it being easy and affordable for almost anyone to wear contacts instead of glasses. Orthodontics have evolved to the point of invisible braces now in existence, a viable option for any teenager that needs braces or any adult who never made a cosmetic correction to their teeth for not wanting to wear the ugly metal versions.

Technology has also made it easier and sneaker for teenagers to bully one another, using social media and the internet to torment classmates and hide behind a facade while very publicly humiliating whoever the victim is. Being the parent of a teenager is just as difficult, because you have to navigate all these new ways in which teenagers can express themselves that never existed when you were growing up. While certain things like contact lenses or nearly invisible braces can make certain aspects of being a teenager less awkward, there is still the inevitable fact that some students are better at school than others. Some are better at sports than others. Everyone looks and dresses differently, and somewhere along the line, teenagers will grow into adults who also look and dress differently.

By then, it is a good thing to be unique. It is just a very trying time for teenagers in middle and high school. The pressure can be intense to fit in, perform well academically and athletically, and be a social butterfly. Many do not fit into this norm, and many are happy to not fit in. Still others struggle, however, and are among the many students who look to minimize awkwardness about their appearance such as glasses or braces. Parents can only do so much, as it is peers who have the most influence on teenagers at this point in their lives. Parents need to be the adults, set the boundaries, and be there for their children when things are tough. If they can also afford to get them contact lenses or braces, then all the better. Their kids might not recognize the significance of it in the moment, but they will surely remember when they look through school pictures later in life!
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I didn’t have Invisalign but my kids sure will.Family Dental Care: Helping everyone.

I never had the chance to get my teeth straightened when I was a kid.  If you look at my mouth, it is a disaster area of crooked teeth, some of them so slanted that they almost appear to be horizontal.  It isn’t that my parents did not want me to have good teeth – far from it, my mother often lamented that she was not able to provide me with good care from a pediatric dentist.  The simple fact is that she could not afford to have braces put on my teeth, and because of that I am left with a mouth that has a lot of issues.

For starters, I have a lot of trouble with keeping my teeth healthy.  Because my teeth are at such funny angles, it gets really hard to clean them.  Bits of food get stuck all of the time, and flossing is a thing of nightmares for me.  I have had to have a lot of fillings because I just can’t get my teeth as clean as they need to be to prevent tooth decay.  As it stands now, I have gotten too old to fix many of my oral issues without resorting to pretty major surgery.  That is something that I am not prepared to do from a financial standpoint, so I just have to suffer through it.  Even still, I am probably going to have to have a bridge installed soon just so I can keep what teeth I do have that chew correctly.

When I have children, though, they will not have to live through the same suffering that I have.  Dental offices that specialize in children’s care are easy to find now, and – let’s be honest – I am in a much better position than my mother was when I was young.  If my children have any dental issues – and I really hope that they do not – I am going to make sure that they get straightened out as soon as possible.  Hopefully it won’t take much convincing; after all, all I’ll need to do is show them how messed up my own teeth are to encourage them to brush!  I never thought I would be one of those dads that says, “Do it or you will end up like this!” But I guess that is exactly what is going to happen.

Anyway, it is a lot easier to get a kid to accept wearing the newInvisalign style braces than the old metal grin kind.  Heck, I think it is really cool that technology finally caught up to dentistry – generations of kids went through the awful decision of “messed up teeth or three years looking like a freak.”  I’m happy that my kids won’t have to do that, that there is an option that can fix their teeth without making them feel ostracized.  But I can assure you, they won’t have a choice as to whether or not they get the braces: dental health is not an option in my family now!
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Great Orthodontists make beautiful smiles.Family Dental Care: Helping everyone.

My dearest friend Nisa always prided herself of her smile, beauty, and skill. “I’m not conceited” she use to say, ”simply fabulous.” Where most people lacked confidence, she flourished in it. I rather enjoyed it, because while she would tease about her beauty and flaunt her confidence… she was still deep down humble and had worked extraordinarily hard at increasing her skill as an aerial artist. She was one of the most amazing dancer’s I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When she got up on the silk fabrics that were strung to the ceiling, it was truly breath taking.

We were at a local club where we often performed during the musicians set. Usually this was before a DJ who was just dancing in his place behind a computer and well…usually not that entertaining. Of all DJ’s I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, Kaminanda was the most fun to watch. He knew his music and watching him dance to his music was like watching him control an invisible orchestra that lived in the computer while at the same time spell casting magic and love into the crowd. Another DJ was playing and Nisa was preparing to go up on a silk that is dangled into the middle of the crowd in front of the stage. With the help of the other performers, we had created a safety perimeter around the silk to ensure no drunk onlooker messed with the silk. People do not realized how dangerous silks are. Well.. the crowd that night sadly had opportunity to witness just how dangerous silk dancing really is.

Nisa was flowing as usual. Beautiful and entrancing to watch! She was doing a trick she had performed many time which requires one to wrap the silk skillfully around their legs until they are very high in the ribbon and then they drop themselves, the fabric unwinding them and catching the fretfully close to the ground. It was usually performed as the finally. Nisa was all wrapped up and was sitting at the top of the ribbon. She looked around the crowd and gave one last smile. She dropped. Everyone held their breath. The rope snapped taught, but she had miscalculated how far the drop was. CRACK. The sound of her face hitting the cement still haunts my dreams. Her legs were still wound in the ribbon and thankfully all her body weight did not come in behind her however she still slammed her face extremely hard into the cement. She had been knocked unconscious, left dangling in the ribbon, and me and the other performers ran to her aid.

She was okay…except the fact that she was going to desperately need to the skilled hand of an orthodontist. She had fallen at a strange angle on her mouth and had literally shifted her teeth around and chipped a few of them. Not only was she going to need a replacement tooth or two for aesthetic purposes, it appeared to me she was going to need braces as well.

Being her closest friend, I attended her to the Denver orthodontics office.The staff was exceedingly kind and patient. Nisa was rather short with them at times, and they never lost their patience. Oh the death glare she gave the orthodontist when he said she would need braces. Thankfully though, he quelled her worries by offering her invisalign braces! These were braces that were made form a clear material that way no one be able to tell she was wearing them! She was so relieved to know that her days as a performer were not over and she would be able to fix her teeth with out the embarrassment of metal braces!
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Going to the Dentist Regularly is a Vital Aspect of a Healthy Lifestyle.Family Dental Care: Helping everyone. Most people know that it is important to take care of their teeth, but many people do not know how far-reaching the effects of your oral hygiene habits are.  For one thing, your oral health is directly related to your overall health, which means that if your mouth is not healthy, it is unlikely that the rest of your body will be.  Since your mouth is the means by which all nutrients enter your body, it is not hard to see why this is the case.  If your teeth are coated in bacteria, you are swallowing all that bacteria when you eat and drink.  This puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and a bunch of other common chronic conditions.  This means that going to the dentist regularly is a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Your dentist can let you know if your oral hygiene regimen is doing the trick or not.  If your regimen is lacking in some way, your dentist can tell you what you can do differently.  Also, your dentist can let you know if you have any cavities or any signs of gingivitis.  These are both conditions that are common and easy to treat, but they can both get very out of hand if you do not treat them soon enough.  In extreme cases, you can even lose teeth to both cavities and gingivitis.  To make matters worse, you can even develop both conditions at the same time, since they both result from improper oral hygiene.  If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you may have the beginning stages of gingivitis.  Dentists recommend brushing your gums thoroughly to prevent the condition.  Going to the dentist on a regular basis is not only a good idea for hygienic reasons.  Your dentist also keeps track of the alignment of your teeth.  Teeth can shift over time.  If your teeth are misaligned or are becoming misaligned, you should consider treatments that will shift them back.  Braces are one example of this sort of treatment.  Braces utilize very thin wires and metal brackets.  They have been used for quite awhile, though the techniques have become a little more advanced over the years.  Nonetheless, the basic premise has remained the same.  Though braces are one of the most effective treatments of tooth and jaw alignment issues, they are fairly inconvenient and uncomfortable.  Plus, many people are reluctant to get them because they are worried about how they look.  The braces of today are less noticeable than the braces of the past.  They can still be uncomfortable, though.  Especially when they are adjusted, braces can leave your mouth feeling sore.  This is almost unavoidable, though, since your teeth need to be physically moved into the proper position.  This is an inherently uncomfortable process.  Nonetheless modern cosmetic dentistry has become quite advanced, so the discomfort is minimal.  Besides, it is far better to get the treatment you need than to allow your teeth to continue to shift out of place.
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Getting help from my orthodontistFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

I recently discovered that I have some kind of degenerative disease in my gums, and if I don’t deal with it quickly and swiftly, it is going to have an affect on my teeth in the near future. Teeth are something that you only have one set of, and it is really important to be sure to take care of them as much as possible. So that is why I was so surprised when my orthodontist told me that I am going to be facing this, because I have always taken very good care of my teeth my whole life. From the time I was old enough, I always flossed and brushed, every morning and every night, and often somewhere else in the middle of the day. As an adult, I have always used mouth wash as well, because I know there are germs that aren’t removed from just the flossing and brushing alone. And I suppose that I was lucky because my teeth were always straight and I never had to worry about needing to get braces or anything else like that. So when the dentist referred me to the orthodontist, it was the first time I had ever been in to see on of those types of doctors. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but I knew that my gums just weren’t as they used to be. They were more sensitive than before, and they seemed to bleed often when I would floss. I have never had my gums bleed when flossing before, so I decided I should probably make an appointment and go in to see the dentist.

It was the dentist who decided that a specialist was necessary to check out my gums, and he made a referral for me to the orthodontist office. When I got in there he was very surprised that I was there to see him with such straight and clean teeth, but after he ran the tests he informed me that there was a disease in my gums that was not going to simply go away. All the prep work I have always done with my mouth was good because it kept me in the clear longer than I would have been otherwise, but it still didn’t prevent me from getting this gum disease that I am now having to deal with. It essentially just means that I need to rinse with a different mouth wash that is actually a prescription strength and filled with medicine that will kill the disease, and I also need to go in for more regularly scheduled dentist and orthodontist appointments than is usual for me, but this is okay as long as I’m not going to lose my teeth. If we can stop the gums from degenerating, then my teeth will be fine, or so I have been assured by the dentist. But I’m not as convinced and I’m still really worried about the health of my mouth and gums. I just want this to be over and to be back with healthy teeth.
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Fixing my smile again with InvisalignFamily Dental Care: Helping everyone.

My teeth seem to have a mind of their own and that mind has decided to be remarkably defiant. Growing up I had braces a few times, each time with the focus being on a different set of teeth, trying to move everything around like a puzzle to get it to where my teeth would finally look nice. After every set of braces, one thing would be fixed but then there would always be another problem. I went through all of the different spacers and expanders and some truly weird stuff stuck in the roof of my mouth to first get me to stop unconsciously sucking my thumb when I slept and then to try and repair some of the damage that was probably actually caused by the unconscious thumb sucking. Years passed and I got fitted with more and more different metal contraptions until finally when I was fourteen or so they said it was as good as it was going to get. My teeth were quite ok for a while but it did not take very long for them to rearrange themselves back to their former twisted state. By the time that it got bad enough for me to really start to care and feel self conscious about it I was already in my late teens and really not willing to go back to having metal braces again. In my head I was pretty much an adult, out in the dating world, going to college soon and I was going to be doing none of that with metal braces. I decided that Invisalign would be the best possible option for me. I knew it would be rather expensive since my insurance policy did not cover it but I did not care. I was working and had some money saved up so I called the orthodontist and made an appointment to have then poke around my mouth and check out all my teeth. The orthodontist said that Invisalignwould not be the best choice for me but since I was extremely adamant about not having metal braces again, it was either Invisalignor nothing. The next week I went back to get my mouth molded so that they could get started designing and making my trays. A few weeks after my first appointment where they shoved my mouth full of pink bubblegum flavored goo to get the mold, they called and said my first Invisalign tray was ready. After that I just had to wear each of the three trays for a few weeks until my teeth were ready for the next one. Every once and awhile I would have to go in to get something tweaked or adjusted so that it would be more comfortable but overall it seemed that the process was quite simple and much less painful than I remember the metal braces of my past being.  Sometimes they were not terribly comfortable, but at least the weird pressure only lasted a few days before my teeth moved to a place that felt more comfortable.
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