If you have an Elizabeth, NJ 18 wheeler accident claim, Elizabeth 18 wheeler accident attorneys are here to advocate for you. Call one of the Elizabeth 18 wheeler accident lawyers listed on this site for a free initial consultation.

Elizabeth is a city in Union County, New Jersey. According to the 2010 United States Census, the population of Elizabeth is 124,969. It is the county seat of Union County.

In 2008, Elizabeth was named one of “America’s 50 Greenest Cities” by Popular Science magazine, the only city in New Jersey selected.

There are many historical Landmarks throughout the city, such as the Art Deco Hersh Tower, St. John’s Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian Church, and the City Hall building. Other historical landmarks or tributes are the Veteran’s Monument dedicated to soldiers of war who were citizens of the city. There are also tributes to the members aboard the Challenger spacecraft, as well as the Martin Luther King Jr, monument. All of the mentioned monuments are located in the midtown section of Elizabeth. The newest monument displayed in front of the Elizabeth Train Station is the 9/11 Tribute. It was dedicated to remember the citizens from Elizabeth who died on that day either in the line of duty or who worked in the World Trade Center.

Many citizens of Elizabeth work for the City of Elizabeth, either in the Department of Public Works or Council offices. They also work for Coach USA which is stationed in Elizabeth. Many work at the Newark Liberty International Airport and the Jersey Gardens Mall.

Semi truck, tractor trailer and 18-wheeler accidents are common occurrences on Elizabeth roads and highways. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 people die as a result of 18-wheeler accidents and big rig collisions in the United States each year with a substantial number of 18-wheeler truck accidents occurring in Elizabeth, New Jersey, every day. Due to the high population and congested traffic throughout the Elizabeth area,18-wheeler accidents and semi truck crashes on Elizabeth highways are inevitable.

When accidents happen, an Elizabeth 18 wheeler accident attorney can help you and provide the expertise necessary to advocate on your behalf. If you have an Elizabeth 18 wheeler accident claim, call one of the qualified Elizabeth 18 wheeler accident attorneys listed on this site for a free consultation.

Elizabeth 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney
Due to the sheer weight difference of a car versus the weight of an 18-wheeler or tractor trailer, accidents that involve commercial vehicles often times result in severe injuries or even death. Compared to the average weight of an automobile, which is only 5,000 pounds, one can easily see how much more dangerous commercial vehicles like an 18 wheeler can be. That is why if you are injured by a semi truck or commercial vehicle in Elizabeth, it is important that you choose an experienced Elizabeth 18-wheeler accident attorney who knows the truck regulations and laws both nationally and for the State of New Jersey.

Commercial vehicles go by different names such as:

Big Rig
18 Wheeler
Tractor Trailer
Elizabeth truck accidents caused by an 18-wheeler, big rig, semi truck, tractor trailer, bus or commercial vehicle are common on Elizabeth streets, avenues and highways. Many of the semi truck crashes that occur in the city of Elizabeth happen along the major Elizabeth highways, which include the I-95, I-78, US 1, US 9, SH 22, SH 27 and SH 28.

Types of Trucks
The following trucks do specific things and carry certain types of cargo:

Bob-Tail Trucks
Tanker trucks
Refrigerated trucks
Flat bed trucks
Logging trucks
Buses are also considered commercial vehicles as well, but as a rule do not haul cargo. Instead a bus is a transportation vehicle that carries children or adults such as a school bus or commercial bus like Greyhound. School bus accidents or commercial bus accidents are common on Elizabeth roads and freeways. The causes may vary, but often times the accident is a result of hazardous road conditions or driver negligence.

It is essential to hire an Elizabeth bus accident lawyer if you have been involved in the following type of accident:

Elizabeth city buses;
Transportation buses such as Greyhound;
Shuttle bus accidents when driving to and from the airport, such as Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott or Linden Airport.
The ways Elizabeth truck accidents happen occur are too numerous to list. Blind spots, rear-ends, sideswipes, head-ons, load overturns, jack-knifes are all possible and can result in fatal wrongful death truck accidents.


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