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by admin on November 20, 2012
There are too many toothpaste brands available now in 2012 around convenience stores in Atlanta Georgia. Every consumer would surely pick as their first choice the one with a very low cost, while a reasonable individual who’s only concerned with his or her oral cavity’s health will take into consideration the recommended option of his or her general dentist regardless of how much it actually is or how affordable it should rather be.

However, it is crucially important that each patient, young and old alike, must be aware of what his or her selected toothpaste tube contains. After all, the ingredients are a great factor to its price. On top of that, the contents determine how effective the product from Atlanta Georgia is in protecting teeth from the worst dental problems of all time.

The top five chemicals that should read in the label of all the dental pastes considered to be the best in town are fluoride, triclosan, flavorings, preservatives, and menthol. Here is a review of what these ingredients are.

1) Fluoride for Re-mineralization of the Teeth

Fluoride is the ionic derivative of the ninth element in the periodic table known as fluorine. It specifically helps the enamel, which is the outermost layer of the tooth, in restoring the mineral contents it has lost over time. This restoration process is known in Atlanta Georgia as re-mineralization and it is extremely critical for the teeth in order to regain their strength and resilience against damage, as well as beauty and good looks.

2) Triclosan to Ward off Plaque Causing Bacteria

On the other hand, triclosan is typically found in high amounts among toothpastes specifically intended for the protection of the gums. This ingredient has been known to prevent the decalcification of the teeth, which is a process induced by the harmful bacteria residing in the mouth. Decalcification exposes teeth to the formation of a yellowish film known as plaque, which hardens over time and becomes extremely difficult to remove—an ugly structure known as the tartar.

3) Flavorings for a Tasty Brushing Experience

Some people in Atlanta Georgia may feel that there is no need for them to consider the flavor of the paste that they use, but to children, flavoring is extremely crucial. Even for mothers and fathers, they have to be selective of the taste of the toothpaste they give to their kids because it encourages them to brush as often as recommended, especially during their formative years when they are just being taught of these essential dental care routines.

4) Preservatives to Create that Unique Foamy Texture

Humectants and binders are the preservatives used for making the paste so that it does not deteriorate easily in the external environment. Humectants keep the toothpaste from spoiling during extreme temperature changes, while the binders hold together the solid and liquid parts of the paste firmly to give off its best known rich, foamy state.

5) Menthol for Long Lasting Fresh Breath

Last but not the least, the menthol scent from minty leaves available in Atlanta Georgia should never be forgotten because they provide that pleasant mouth odor that’s good for the nostrils if not just great to smell.


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