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Orthodontic treatment may involve the use of either fixed or removable braces or a combination of both.

Fixed Braces are attached by special adhesive to the teeth, and are made of stainless steel. Clear brackets are available (privately) but they are expensive. The teeth are moved along the wires using elastic bands or springs. Fixed braces are precision appliances and can position the teeth very accurately and precisely into straight lines, but they require a great deal of time, expertise and co-operation in order to be successful.

There are also removable clear unnoticeable braces (invisalign type) which are available only privately, and retainers which are fitted after removal of the fixed braces. When braces are removed, retainers would be used to help the teeth settle into their new positions.

Other specialised types of treatment are also available, but only under Private contract. These include: Use of ceramic (clear) braces, Transfer or Retreatment Cases, and Complex / Interdisciplinary Treatment. Note that all patients over the age of 18 will be treated privately.

Each and every patient requires tailor-made treatment, decided on by the orthodontist and agreed by you, the patient. In order to decide what treatment is appropriate for you, your orthodontist will want to carry out an assessment of your teeth which is likely to include x-rays and impressions (moulds of the teeth). Treatment can take more than two years so it is important you are happy with what is recommended. Braces are almost always suggested. Those which are supplied most often are:

A fixed brace – this is the most common type of brace, often known as train tracks. Brackets are glued onto the teeth and connected by a wire. Sometimes small elastic bands are used to hold the wire in position. This wire exerts a gentle pressure so teeth are turned or moved into a new position. The brackets can be metal or ceramic and the elastic bands may come in many colours, these are used to tie the wire into the fixed braces.

A removable brace – this is sometimes recommended for correcting a simple problem, such as moving a single tooth. It is a plastic plate with delicate wires and springs attached. The removable brace should be worn all the time except when it needs cleaning or when you are playing sport. Clear removable (invisalign type) are available for adult treatment if the case is suitable.

Functional braces – these are worn to alter the position of the jaws and the way the upper and lower teeth meet. The power of the jaw muscles is applied to move the teeth They are usually worn on the upper and lower teeth at the same time. They are also usually removable but should be worn as much as possible.

Retainers – at the end of treatment, all patients should wear retainers to hold their teeth in the new position. These can be removable or fixed and are an important part of treatment. We recommend removable retainers to be worn over a long term basis to prevent any relapse of tooth movement.


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How much is teeth whiteningmust be a piece of information that is really so worthy to get if you do not have beautiful teeth and want so much to turn your teeth into beautiful ones so that you could get beautiful smile. Beautiful smile is so important to each of us because by having a beautiful smile you would be able to look so outstanding and wonderful.

Having a beautiful smile would also be able to boost your confidence in your social life. And one out of teeth treatment that you need to get to give you the smile that you want so much is by whitening your teeth. Therefore, it is so reasonable why there are so many people who ask how much does it cost to get your teeth whitened. That is one of the most common questions asked.

Other question would be how to organize so that you could get organized and even teeth. How much do we need to prepare to get the treatment for our teeth and what are actually the triggers of our stained teeth? Herein is the information for you to read on.

How Much is Teeth Whitening – Factors that Make Your Teeth Stained

How Much Is Teeth Whitening

In information on what is teeth whitening, it is really so important to know the basic info on what kind of things that make our teeth stained so much. For your information there are some factors that make your teeth stained so badly. The first factor is age. The older you are, the darker your teeth would be as the result of stain accumulation and tear.

For teenagers or young people, stained teeth would be able to be turned into whitened teeth with the treatments provided out there. But when you have been too old, it would be hard to do. The second factor that makes the stained teeth is the starting color. The next factor would be translucency and thinness. The tooth that is necessary to be bleached is teeth that are thinner and more transparent.

Then before getting dentist teeth whitening trays or other treatments to whiten your teeth, you need to know that eating habit could also be the trigger of your stained teeth. If you love so much to drink coffee, red wine, cola, and tea or eat carrots, oranges and other deeply colored foods, you would have more chance to get your teeth stained.

Acidic foods, for example citrus fruits and also vinegar could also contribute to enamel so that the more you consume them, the more transparent your teeth would be and they would show their yellow colored dentin. If you want so much to get your teeth less stained, then you could lack the consumption of those abovementioned foods and drinks so that you would be able to economize on the preparing for the question of how much is teeth whitening.

Smoking habits would be other factors that could make your teeth stained. It does so because nicotine would leave brownish deposits on your teeth which then slowly but sure would soak into your tooth structure and triggerintrinsic discoloration. To minimize on paying money more for the question of how much is dental treatment would be, it is so much suggested for you to leave the habit of smoking. The next factor for creating stain on your teeth would be drugs or chemicals.

For example tetracycline usage all through the formation of teeth would yield on brown ribbon or dark grey stain that is very hard to remove. Grinding and trauma are the next factors that could make your teeth stained. If you have one or more habits that have been stated above, you might need to look for information on how much is teeth whitening.



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Clear braces might be the option if you want to get straightened teeth. Yet, the most popular way for fixing the structure of your teeth would be braces. Why is it so important to fix the structure of teeth? These years there are more and more people who are aware of their look and smile is really the first impression that would be able to be caught by others initially while they are socializing.

And because there are so many people have problem with their teeth, it is believed that the condition would decrease the beauty of smile and also look so that fixing the problem is considered so important. The most common way to get the beautiful smile is by installing braces on our teeth.

Yet, for so many people that treatment is considered disturbing because the surface of the teeth would be filled wit wire and metal. That is why little clear braces are really the options, especially for those who do not want to let others know that they are wearing teeth treatment.

Much Clear Braces Types

Invisalign Clear Braces

There are some types of clear braces you could select if you want to get treatment for fixing your teeth’s condition. The first type of clear brace you could select would be ceramic braces which have the color of our teeth. These kinds of braces have the natural color just like our teeth.

But since ceramic braces have tendency to get stained and break, you need to really be careful if this is the type of treatment you want to get. Then if you do not like braces, you could get invisalign. Invisalign is the braces which are made from clear plastic. The good thing about this type of treatment is that invisalign could be removed from our teeth so easily.

It does so because this type of braces do not have any wire and metal and they do not have any special treatment just like when you are using metal or ceramic braces. That is why invisalign is much more comfortable to use by so many people, although the result of straightening your teeth could be much longer than the real braces. To get the invisalign you need to spend from $3,500 to $5,000.

You might have question can you get braces behind your teeth so that no one would see your bracket if you have it. The good news is that there is that kind of brace you could select. The third option for much clear braces would be lingual braces. Lingual braces are braces or brackets which are installed on the backside of your teeth.

Although you might not be familiar with this term, in real the procedure was introduced since 1983. With this kind of brace you would not need to have shiny metal smile because the braces are hidden from other people. The one who could know that you are using bracket would be you.

Clear Braces Facts to Consider

If you want to get invisalign, the question that you might have might be how much is invisalign. The price for getting invisalign would be about $5,500 to $7,800. Then if you want to get clear braces you would need to spend about $4,500 to $5,800. And if you want to get lingual braces, you should know that the treatment is so expensive. With lingual braces you would need to pay about $8,500 to $11,800 to get the bracket installed behind your teeth.

If you select to get invisalign you will need about 11 to 18 visits to your doctor for checking your condition. And if you would like to get clear braces you would need to make 14 to 24 visits and the lingual braces would need 17 to 26 visits. All of those visit numbers depend on whether you need to remove your teeth or not to get the treatment.

If you ask which treatment that would get more lingual braces lisp, then the answer would be lingual braces and then followed by clear braces. It does so because of the treatments use wire to hold and press your teeth to straighten them. While the most comfort treatment you could get would be invisalign because with this treatment you would need to only remove the plastic invisalign once you want to eat or brush your teeth.

With lingual braces and clear bracket you could not do that because both of them need special care and special brush. Moreover, you would not be able to remove your bracket easily.

If you are curious which treatment that would be able to give best technique control to your teeth, then much clear braces are the most effective way and invisalign is the least treatment. Also, finding an orthodontist who could install the lingual braces would not be easy to do so that could be a case for you who want to get the treatment.

Those are some considerations you need to know about much lingual braces, invisalign and clear braces. You could compare between those three options to get the best treatment. Because clear braces give the best result, you could choose also much clear braces.

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Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic Wax

When you first get orthodontic braces on your teeth, the brackets may rub the inside of your lips and gums, creating little mouth sores. Although the sores are non dangerous they are uncomfortable and can make it difficult to eat or speak. Fortunately, a little orthodontic dental wax, dental silicone, or an orthodontic lip protector can create a barrier betwixt your braces and your mouth.

Orthodontic Dental Wax

Dental wax is simply a medical grade soft wax that is safe to use in your mouth. If youve neer used dental wax before, here are some instructions:

Break off a tiny bit of wax from the container.
Work the wax tween your fingers to warm and soften it a little bit (to make it more shapeable)
Place the wax directly on the bracket that is causation the irritation. The wax will stick to the bracket and the tooth. You can use as much or as little dental wax as you need to be comfortable. Play around with it to find out how much you need.
Dental wax is non-toxic, so dont worry if you swallow it. Wax in your mouth tends to break down over time, so youll probably need to re-apply more after feeding a meal. Take off the wax before you brush your teeth, or it will get all over your toothbrush (it can be unmanageable to clean off). Individual containers of dental wax are available at most local drugstores or in bulk boxes on the web.

Dental Silicone

Dental silicone is a little different. It lasts longer than regular dental wax. Your brackets moldiness be extremely dry when you apply dental silicone, or it will not stick to them. Some people love dental silicone and some prefer regular wax. If you have neer used dental silicone, ask your orthodontist for a small packet, or buy just a small amount to start with. Sometimes you have to hang in there until you perfect your technique to get the dental silicone to stick. But once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy the fact that it last longer in your mouth than regular dental wax. Dental silicone is non available in local stores, but you can buy it on the web as mentioned below. Some people use silicone earplugs (the type used for swimming) as dental silicone, but that is non necessarily advisable. That silicone has been approved to use in the ear, but non in the mouth.

Brace Guards and Brace Lip Protectors

In addition to dental wax, there ar many types of lip protectors and brace guards available astatine dental offices and on the web. These products shield large portions of your brackets from your gums. Some lip protectors hook on to the wires tween your braces brackets. Other types of brace guards really fit around the entire bracket, which totally shields the brackets from your mouth. Orthodontic lip protectors ar great for people who do a lot of speaking, singing, or who play a wind instrument. In fact, there is even a product where you can mold your own brace guard out of polymer material at home.

Remember, there is no need to suffer with cut up gums and lips when you have braces. Use some dental wax or a lip protector and keep yourself comfortable.

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Root Canals

Root Canals

Until the last century, a decayed or infected tooth was pulled without any thought to saving it. If it wasnt yanked out, an abscess formed. The pus pocket of poisons caused tremendous pain and could even damage the jawbone. When the abscess broke, the toxins were released into the bloodstream, causing illness. Root canal therapy basically consists of replacing a tooths dead nerve and diseased pulp. That means the dentist does not yank out the tooth, he just cleans out the inside of the root.

Once a tooth pushes through the gums and is fully grown, neither the nerve nor the pulp is vitally important to the tooths health. The only function of the nerve is to impart the awareness of hot or cold. When the diseased nerve cannot repair itself, it dies no longer feeling any sensation. The pulp is soft tissue full of nerves and blood vessels. It fills the pulp chamber, which is below the tooths crown. It also fills the roots and root canals.

A tooth requiring root canal therapy has such extensive decay that the dentist must put a porcelain crown over the exposed tooth. Depending upon how many teeth are involved and where they are located, he may also discuss the need for a bridge or an implant.

To start the root canal therapy, the dentist will inject a numbing agent near the tooth. Theoretically, the nerve is dead so anesthesia should not be necessary, but most dentists dont want to take a chance of a patient suddenly jumping in pain. A patient should be totally relaxed and free of pain because the delicate surgery requires minute precision.

It is critical that all the decay and infection is cleaned out of the canals of the root. The dentist drills a hole through the crown of the tooth to gain access into the pulp chamber. He then pulls out the pulp and dead nerve, and refills the chamber and canals with medication that will kill all the bacteria.

On your next visit, the doctor fills the tooths pulp chamber and root canals with a rubbery material, then permanently seals the tooth closed with antibacterial cement. Last but not least, he caps the tooth with a crown, usually made of porcelain. The crown is virtually undetectable from the teeth adjacent to it.

People tend to cringe when they are told they need a root canal because the procedure used to have the reputation of being painful. Modern dental technology and new anesthetics, however, mean todays patients do not have to feel pain. If the tooth was infected before surgery, it may ache mildly for a couple of days. That discomfort will be relieved with over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin or acetaminophen.

Many teeth that underwent root canal therapy can easily last a persons lifetime, but the procedure is expensive. The costly investment is worth protecting with at-home oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

If your dentist is bent on saving and repairing your tooth with root canal therapy, dont be afraid. A root canal is not scary if you know what to expect (and if you know that it wont involve a lot of pain). Express any concerns or questions you have with your dentist so he can reassure you.

By Brandon Delanya

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Invisalign Buck Teeth

Invisalign Buck Teeth

Getting braces is a huge event in a persons life especially if youre a teenager. I grew up in Suffolk County on Long Island and as a pre-teen; I became very self-conscious due to a pronounced overbite that happened when my permanent teeth grew in. In 5th and 6th grade my nick name became Bucky Beaver and I was teased quite often. Basically, being a quiet person by nature, this was torture for me.

At age 10, teeth straightening became my focus; I started following my mother around the house, moping and begging. I wanted to get braces in the worst way. When I was 12, after several years of pleading, my Mom, finally took me to see an Orthodontist. I was just mortified when he told me I had to wait until I was 15.

At age 15, in the world of nicknames, I traded Bucky Beaver for Tinsel Teeth and went through high school with heavy metal brackets and rubber bands and a variety of creative names. It wasnt until I completed my first year of college did my braces come off. That was truly a great and liberating time for me. I hadnt had a confident smile with straight teeth since I was a little kid. It was great to not have the very heavy social burden of buck teeth or braces. I felt free.

Since my experiences with dental braces there has been much advancement in the art and science of straightening teeth. Several years ago a new system of invisible braces were developed for adults called Invisalign. They are designed for each person from a custom impression made of their teeth. From the impression custom aligners are designed and manufactured. These custom plastic aligners are worn approximately 20 22 hours a day and are easily taken out for eating, brushing and flossing. Every two weeks or so there is a brief visit to your Invisalign dentist to get the next set of aligners. The whole process usually takes only one year!

Currently, my niece, also growing up on Long Island, needs to get it. Up until recently her only option (many years after my experience) was also to get a mouth full of heavy metal, as the new clear braces were only available for adults. Well the great news is, that not too long ago, a miracle happened for my niece and for thousands of other teens facing getting it. Invisalign recently announced that Invisalign for Teens was now available. The teen program also includes extra aligners, in case oops, I lost my braces happens (A little extra peace of mind for teens and parents alike).

Invisible braces are not the solution for all orthodontic conditions. An exam and consultation with an Invisalign dentist will determine if clear braces will work for you or not. The good news is that they do work for most people on a quest for straight teeth.

Some words of advice from a teenage survivor of old fashioned braces. Whether you are a teen or a parent of a teen, they are a life changing experience.

For those of you who need to get it and happen to need the heavy metal type, just trust the process and know its not forever (though it may seem like it at times). And if youre a lucky candidate for Invisalign, it should be a relatively easy experience. Even though my experience with getting them was a very long 4 year period in my life, the resulting self confidence was transformational. Whether you get visible or invisible braces, have patience, be optimistic, and know your new smile, and your new life after braces is very much, worth the wait!

By Albert K James

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